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Whenever Tara Sings
She Has A Positive Impact On All Who Hear Her!

Below are a few quotes from letters received following recent outreach events!

From letters received following live performances

1 “To sing live and outdoors and not miss a single note was amazing. My eldest son, who like me is a musician, likened you to Mariah Carey with the power and range you had. You positively radiated the Holy Spirit and the sincerity and reality of the songs was obvious. We all really enjoyed listening to you and I would happily have listened all afternoon. You have a God-given talent and are obviously using it for his glory”

2 “When you see such an accomplished performance delivered so effortlessly in far from ideal conditions, there is an almost unthought-of assumption that you have a vast pool of talented, motivated and dedicated people behind you. Given the number of email addresses on your circular you obviously have loads of supporters and friends and I suppose I assumed you must be from a mega-church with resources and connections all over the world, like Hillsong. To have achieved what you already have and to take it to the standard you already have with essentially you, your husband and your manager and very little else, leaves me speechless (good job i am still able to type!)”.

3 “My name is R..S... and I came to see you sing. Me and my Vicar Rev R. Williams of St. Dunslance Church, Cranybrook. We were blown away by your beautiful singing voice!! You signed our CD's. Thank you. I thank God you were called back to sing. Praise the Lord. I am Nomany (or Romany?) Jypsy and lead a cluster My culture has been not accepted by society for hundreds of years. You touched my heart when you sang "Break down these wall and reach out". I'm glad I came to see you. You've been a real role model to me. God bless you. Keep singing. I hope we will meet again".

From letters from parents who have given Tara’s album to their children

1 “My daughter has been playing your album non-stop and I have to sneak it back off her to get to listen to it. She has had a few very hard years and totally went away from me as well as God. The words and songs on your album are really ministering to her in a powerful way She has never entertained the idea of Christian music and always scorned it as not cool enough. The fact that your songs bridge the gap to RnB and what she usually listens to is a masterstroke. Every time she is on the computer she is listening to you on U-Tube as well: you have a fan!

You know why you are here and that is to serve God and to spread his word and his love to a desperate and superficial generation that is crying out for salvation. Like in one of your songs that describes people not knowing themselves and only trusting what they see in the media, there is a generation that are living empty vacuous lives in virtual reality: they are desperate for something real to hang on to and for something to give them a hope and a future. In the gift God has blessed you with you have the talent and the opportunity to reach them and minister to them and change lives in the same way that my daughter’s has been changed and transformed. As long as you keep your eyes on God, your heart pure and stand united with your husband alongside you to pray for, support and protect you, then try as he might, the devil can 't touch you".

2 “It is great that you are planning to play to secular audiences. If my daughter is anything to go by you will be a hit and most importantly your songs are in an accessible genre that they are used to hearing. The Holy Spirit I am sure will be working through you whomever you play for and even before she realised you were a Christian singer she voiced that there was something different about your music. Obviously Holy Spirit inspired and sung. Your music and ministry is already changing lives and breaking down strongholds and misconceptions".

3 “My daughter is now using your album as an evangelistic tool and playing it around her unsaved friends and using it as a way to share the Gospel with them. The words and the music are certainly beginning to impact the people she has shared it with and is starting to provoke some wonderful conversations. Having the CD's on sale in the cafe would be a great back-up to this as the teenagers she is reaching to can then get their own copy or we'll just buy them to give away!"

From Andy Stockbridge, CEO of Toybox following donations of almost £50.000 at fundraising event

“Thank you very much for being such an important part of the evening and for all your preparation. We have received so many comments regarding your inspiring and beautiful performance. It is a great privilege that you felt called to write a song especially for the occasion and as Diane-Louise Jordan said afterwards, it was clearly a God inspired song".

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